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Introducing Donnie D's Spices: A Small Black Owned Business, Owned by a Disabled Veteran and Minority. Our mission is to offer high-quality spices and seasonings, creating a convenient one-stop shop for all our customers' seasoning requirements.

Donnie D, a native of Maryland, has always had a passion for the state's flavors, particularly seafood, and barbecued meats. This love for Maryland-style spices and his desire to share them with his loved ones inspired him to develop his own line of spices. Today, his small business – Donnie D's Spices – is proudly owned by a disabled veteran and a member of a minority group.

Introducing the Maryland Multi-Purpose Cream of Crab Soup Seasoning! To jump-start this new venture, our founder is sharing his beloved recipe for the most delectable soup you'll ever taste. With the Maryland Multi-Purpose Cream of Crab Soup Seasoning, you can enjoy a taste of Maryland from the comfort of your own home. Not only does this seasoning complement Maryland's tomato and vegetable-based soup, but it also adds flavor to any seafood, meats, and poultry dishes.

Donnie prefers a mix of Maryland and Texas spices for his BBQ rubs, as they create the ideal blend.

Enjoy our Seafood, BBQ Beef Rub, BBQ Chicken Rub, BBQ Hickory Rub and our Garlic & Herb Turkey Brine Mix which brings delicious flavors to your seafood, poultry, meat and vegetable dishes.

Keep a look out for more spice blends from Donnie D's. 

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"BAM! Y'all ain't ready!! These spices will knock your socks off!! When my Uncle Donnie makes his famous Crab Soup, EVERYONE comes running, literally!! Our family hides bowls, requests more, and keeps on going back for more till there is literally none left!! Check out his website and order you some packets today!! I promise you will not regret it!!"

Latasha C.

Just made first of many batches of cream of crab soup with Donnie Ds Spices! Outstanding!!!! Followed the recipe exactly! Could not have made a better soup!

Jim & Vicky

Decided to try and make my Uncle Donnie's famous crab soup!! Thank you Aunt Leara Dory!!! The final product!! This is amazing!!!

Roy C.

First Testimonial: 

This is the ABSOLUTE TASTIEST seasoning I've used! I grilled a Rib Eye and some shrimp with butter and your SPICES.....OMG! I can't stop raving about it and my daughter too! I am telling everyone! Thank You so much!On Friday, I put some in my fish fry and fried up some shrimp, BEST TASTING FRIED SHRIMP I've EVER made!! I can't wait to grill some fish with that seasoning too! Again, many Thanks! You will have my business for Life!

Second Testimonial: 

I also put some of your spices in my Fish Fry....... WHEW! I will ONLY being using your spices on ALL of my seafood from NOW ON! I fried up some fish and shrimp better than ANY fish place I've ever been too!

Demetrios V.